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AG Abrasive & Foam
AG Abrasive & Foam is a Spanish company founded in 1997.

Initially with the aim of commercializing in the sectors of Wood, Decoration and Painting. The presence in the market was so great, that very soon it diversified installing itself in the Automotive market.

Currently, it has a production plant in Barcelona (Spain) where the number of workers has been increasing since its inception. AG Abrasive & Foam is a leader in abrasive, protective and masking products for the Automotive, Wood and Paint sectors.

At present, it has presence and development in the five continents being the manufacturer of most of the products marketed, such as Self-adhesive Strip, Plastic with Tape, Tape Lift Rubber, Paper with Tape and transformers in many other products.

In more than 20 years of experience, the company has continued to implement and innovate more products and services in parallel with the development of the market. Presenting innovations that have caused the evolutionary change and the improvement in the way of working of the final clients.