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AG Abrasive & Foam


Equipped with the latest technology machinery to achieve a fast and efficient production line. Quality control processes are one of our weapons in order to offer the maximum security to our customers.


We enjoy an infrastructure prepared to hold great volumes of stock with the purpose to offer a quick response to our customer needs.


In AG Abrasive & Foam, we care for the quality of the whole process from the raw material to the final product. WE Assure to take prcesise aned advanced steps.


Our distribution network is extended worlwide. Present in more than 50 countries, included between the 5 continents. We are characterized by offering lead times according to the current requirements.


All of our products are thoght to make sure that customers use the ideal product according to their needs. We advise in the correct use and aplication through all the processes, trying the customer to get the maximum performance.