AG Abrasives is launching the new masking product, The Master Tape. A product designed with the purpose of saving time and achieving the best results with its innovative technology of simultaneous protecting and sealing.

This product offers the best performance with an optimal and professional finishing.

The Master Tape is ideal for painting processes, providing a great resistance to high temperatures with a double adhesive positioning and an automatic rolled that allows to work easily by giving a quick and effective application. Right after work is done, removing is extremely simple.

Thanks to the innovative design and the materials used in the manufacture of the product, The Master Tape allows to be manually cut both vertically and longitudinally, facilitating the user to have the desire sizes in order to mask the parts of the vehicle during its processes of painting. It also helps to mask rubbers and those inaccessible curved areas where you need a very flexible product.

Master Tape is the combination of quality, speed and economic savings. The definitive solution for those professionals and demanding who are looking every day to improve performance and efficient products for their body shops.