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Pre Taped Masking Film


25 mm

35 cm, 45u : P2535

60 cm, 40u: P2560

90 cm, 30u: P2590

120 cm, 20u: P25120

180 cm, 20u: P25180

260 cm, 20u: P25260

360 cm, 20u: P25360

19 mm

35 cm, 45u: P1935

60 cm, 40u: P1960

90 cm, 30u: P1990

120 cm, 20u: P19120

180 cm, 20u: P19180

Film roll with adhesive tape to cover surfaces. Static charge, corona treatment and lineal cut.

References 19mm:

35x20m P193520

35×22,5m P1935

35x25m P193525

60x20m P196020

60×22,5m P1960

60x25m P196025

90x20m P199020

90×22,5m P1990

90x25m P199025

120x20m P1912020

120×22,5m P19120

120x25m P1912025

180x20m P1918020

180×22,5m P19180

180x25m P1918025


References 25mm:

35x20m P253520

35×22,5m P2535

35x25m P253525

60x20m P256020

60×22,5m P2560

60x25m P256025

90x20m P259020

90×22,5m P2590

90x25m P259025

120x20m P2512020

120×22,5m P25120

120x25m P2512025

180x20m P2518020

180×22,5m P25180

180x25m P2526025

260x20m P2526020

260×22,5m P25260

260x25m P2526025

360 P25360